Toro Blanco Active Holidays: A Sporting Success Story

January 14, 2024

Toro Blanco Active Holidays is a small company that offers bespoke outdoor adventure holidays in the south of Spain.

They specialise in creating cycling and walking activities just for you and also provide accommodation in hand picked hotels, as well as having the best local guides and support services.

Toro Blanco Active Holidays has become one of the leading providers of outdoor adventure holidays in Europe (this part of Spain). They have a team of passionate and experienced guides, hand picked for their excellence in their field, who are committed to delivering a high-quality experience to you.

2023 was a special year for Toro Blanco Active Holidays as they achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Sports and Leisure “Event of the Year award” at the UK Business awards which recognises excellence in companies in the health and fitness sector, specifically within the sports and leisure industry. 

Toro Blanco Active Holidays stood out from the hundreds of other finalists for their outstanding performance in providing adventurous and memorable holidays to their customers and attention to detail resulting in an incredible level of customer satisfaction

The UK Business awards is an annual event that celebrates excellence in various sectors and categories of business. The winners are selected by a panel of business experts who evaluate the entries based on criteria such as innovation, customer satisfaction and knowledge of sector. The winners receive industry recognition and publicity from the national press.

Toro Blanco Active Holidays is incredibly proud to receive this prestigious award and thank their loyal customers for their trust and support. They would also like to congratulate all the other finalists, who have shown great achievements in their fields. Toro Blanco Active Holidays plans to use this award as an inspiration to continue improving their services and expanding their horizons.

Toro Blanco Guided Cycling Holiday Sierra Nevada

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding holiday experience that will enrich/benefit you, both physically and mentally, then look no further than Toro Blanco Active Holidays. They offer the best package currently available in the European guided cycling market

To find out more about Toro Blanco Active Holidays and book your next adventure holiday with them, visit Toro Blanco Active Holidays

They also have a presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube where you can see some of their amazing experiences.

Toro Blanco Active Holidays is a sporting success story that you can be part of.

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