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Our active cycling holidays in Sierra Nevada will help you to explore the incredible history and beauty of the south of Spain.

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The Sierra Nevada mountain range sits in the Andalucian province of Granada. Home to Mulhacén, which at 3,479 metres (11,414 ft) above sea level is the highest point of continental Spain, and the highest road in Europe. Guided cycling holidays in Sierra Nevada are an unbeatable opportunity to explore the region’s natural beauty.

Road cycling holidays in Spain are well known for good reason, and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada are one of Spain’s key cycling locations, attracting tourists from all over the globe each year. Sierra Nevada features some of the highest and most challenging climbs in the whole of Europe. Even when you are not tackling world renowned climbs you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery and when you stop you will encounter astonishingly good food and a rich culture that is steeped in a millennia of history.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should a cyclist go there?

    Active cycling tours in Sierra Nevada allow cyclists to experience a beautiful and challenging landscape. Sierra Nevada offers a variety of routes and climbs for different levels of difficulty and preference. Climb to Hoya de la Mora, the ski resort at 2500m altitude, by different roads, some of which have featured in La Vuelta a España. Or ride Pico Veleta, at 3398 metres, the highest road in Europe. You may wish to ride through the scenic valley of Valle del Andarax, which offers many circular routes through picturesque villages and orchards. Or take the El Dornajo circular route from Pradollano, the main town of the ski resort. It takes you to El Dornajo, a stunning viewpoint overlooking Granada and the surrounding landscape – and there are so many other astounding routes to discover on cycling holidays in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Our local experts and guides have designed ideal routes to make the best of the local landscapes, providing fascinating insight and support along the way.
  • What are the highlights of this Sierra Nevada cycling experience?

    Our guided cycling tours in Sierra Nevada are filled with incredible highlights and future memories. Our tours are not only an exciting active experience, they are also set against the most captivating backdrop in Europe. There are snow-capped mountains, scenic valleys, the famous Mediterranean Sea, and the iconic city of Granada to visit too. Our local guides will give you an unrivalled insight into the local traditions, recommending hidden gems and delicious food. Our holidays are a fantastic way to enjoy the landscape and culture in equal measure.
  • What are the biggest challenges?

    Active cycling tours in Sierra Nevada present a number of challengers, but foremost amongst them is the altitude. Some of the climbs in the area reach altitudes over 3000m which you will notice in your breathing, performance, and recovery. The gradients can also be very steep sections, sometimes reaching over 10% or even 15%, but we will never rush you. If you are using a traditional bike, you can pace yourself carefully and use a suitable gear ratio to avoid burning out or cramping up. However, we also offer e-bike rentals to give you that extra bit of support if you would like a more leisurely ride.
  • What are your tips for those cycling in Sierra Nevada for the first time?

    Guided cycling holidays in Sierra Nevada are a wonderful break, but there are a couple of tips to bear in mind. Don’t go off too fast - pace yourself and enjoy the ride. Make sure you take breaks and rest when you need to and admire the views and scenery. Also, be mindful of the sun and make sure you are wearing adequate sun protection. But above all else, be sure to take in the full experience.

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