Active Cycling Holidays Andalucia

We offer active cycling holidays and Andalucia tours to help you to explore the beauty of the region, dramatic mountains and huge descents.

When you think of cycling holidays in Spain, Andalucia comes immediately to mind. With cool mountain peaks and the only desert in Europe, Andalucia is a place of tremendous contrasts. Active cycling holidays in Andalucia offer terrain that can be as challenging or as gentle as you choose.

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Whether you seek history or culture, art or romance, nature or nightlife you will find it on active cycling tours here in the birthplace of flamenco, home of some of the most stunning Islamic art and architecture in Europe. Andalucia is also famous for its delicious, varied cuisine influenced by both its Mediterranean climate and multicultural heritage.

As well as a cycling holiday, Andalucia has a lot to offer. From the natural wonders of the Doñana, Sierra Nevada and Sierra de las Nieves National Parks, to the cultural centres of Seville, Malaga and Granada with their vibrant nightlife and incredible food.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get there?

    There are direct flights to the main cities in Andalucia from London, Manchester and other UK airports, with a flight time of around three hours. You can also travel by train via the Channel Tunnel, or drive yourself the same way should you wish to travel by road. Cycling holidays in Andalucia can start in many different ways, but all are worthwhile.
  • Why should a cyclist go there?

    For active cycling holidays, Andalucia is the perfect region. It enjoys a mild, sunny climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. This makes it ideal for cycling - especially in winter when other regions are too cold or wet. It is also beautiful, with a diverse and beautiful landscape.
  • What are the epic routes that you can ride in Andalucia?

    Our guides will take you on an Andalucia cycling tour through Europe’s most beautiful scenery. Andalucia boasts many classic routes suited to all skills and preferences. You may choose to ride along the old railway line between Olvera and Puerto Serrano, explore Moorish mountain villages around Malaga, or ride through Europe’s only desert. There are so many routes to try.
  • Should I book Andalucia tickets in advance?

    Our active cycling tours of Andalucia are increasingly popular, with limited places available, so we always recommend booking in advance. It guarantees your spot, allows for better planning, potentially saves costs, and reduces last-minute stress. Take advantage of the opportunity to secure your tickets early and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience in Andalucia.
  • What are the highlights of this Andalucia cycling experience?

    A difficult question, as there are too many to count – the experience of cycling through such outstanding landscapes, the feeling of accomplishment as you complete a challenging climb, the exhilaration of a satisfying descent, the camaraderie that comes when you share these experiences with other like-minded cyclists. Every day is a highlight.
  • What are your tips for those cycling in Andalucia for the first time?

    Our two main tips are for sunscreen and hydration. Wear a high factor sunscreen – cycling all day is no fun when you are burned – and make sure you keep your water bottle topped up, although we will provide all of the necessary nutrition and water for your journey. The only other tip is to remember you are on holiday. You shouldn’t feel the need to overexert yourself. During our active cycling tours in Andalucia, you are free to just enjoy the pleasure of cycling!

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