Exploring the World on Wheels: The Life of a Female Cycling Guide

January 27, 2024

In a world where adventure and nature intertwine, the life of a woman cycling guide becomes a fascinating story of overcoming and connection with the environment. Through the pedals, I weave unique experiences that go beyond the simple routes drawn on a map and become a reality on the road as every kilometre passes and thus you to are creating a new story on every tour.

From the bustle of the city, for where most journeys of our guests commence. To the trails hidden in the mountains, our intrepid cycling experience embarks from a small Cortijo near the quaint village of Pizarra. As I complete my last radio checks with Chris “Head Guide and Carlos front support vehicle, I take a look back and see the eager and happy guests all ready to start their holiday. I look forward and focus on the road ahead, as I hear the familiar voices of the other guides saying, “radio check 1-2-3 and over to you Marta, out”.

I start on a journey, which every time I push down on that first pedal stroke, is full of emotion and anticipation as I set off.

My bicycle becomes the extension of my dreams, and each tour is an opportunity to discover new horizons. No matter how many of these adventures I help guide, I always seem to create new experiences with each group, and we all see the same roads and views but from a different angle and objectives.

Life throws up so many twists and turns, I never dreamt of having this opportunity to be the top female guide in the best and most professionally organised cycling tour group in Andalusia. This is my heart and where I grew up, it fills me with joy that I can help shape people’s perception and emotion by showing them the true beauty of my homeland.

Toro Blanco Guided Cycling Holidays Marta Blog Post

I am a passionate woman and I transmit that through my guiding, this is where I feel I am most helpful to guests. I have great relationships, with hotel managers, the organisers of our excursions, the many tapas bars we pass through, shops we stop at and even other locals we meet who love to see our peloton roll through the areas where they live.

Having spent most of my life among the mountains and villages, I not only sail through diverse terrain, but also lead others in the search for freedom on two wheels. Our group has the ability to inspire and guide novice or experienced cyclists, which creates a special connection between us. Forming a community united by the shared passion for traveling on two wheels. No mater how fast or slow, we stay together, and each group finishes with a unique bond that lasts a long time, shared by our determination and success.

As I pedal through different landscapes, I try to demonstrate, its not only the natural beauty you gain by being with Toro Blanco, but also the physical and mental challenges that bind us together. Every steep climb and exciting descent become a metaphor for the ups and downs of life, reminding us that, as in cycling, we face obstacles and celebrate triumphs but it’s important to start with the same optimism every day.

Connection with nature is a constant in my life, I have had many trials and tribulations. through the years. I try to share my stories of sunrises on the top of a mountain and sunsets on the beaches, experiences that go beyond simple physical activity. The bicycle becomes my and hopefully your tool to explore life in all its fulness. “It’s not about the bike”, as I tell my guests on tour. It’s about finding yourself and I truly believe that a female guide like me can connect with all that wish to be on our guided cycling holiday, you too can find inner peace on a journey such as this.

Every cyclist who follows in his/her footsteps discovers not only the geography of a place, but also the richness of human relationships and the lessons of resilience that can be learned on two wheels.

In short, the life of this woman cycling guide is a testimony of courage, connection with nature and the ability to lead others towards new experiences. My story reminds all of us, sometimes, everything we need to find happiness is at our fingertips, or more precisely, under our feet, pedalling towards the next horizon.

 I look forward to seeing you on a Cycling Tour with me and Toro Blanco Active Holidays this year. We will all do our best for you to have the holiday that is unforgettable.

Marta Garrido Martinez
Guía de Cabeza y logísticos T.B Active Holidays

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